PyCharm 2024.1 introduces several significant updates and features aimed at enhancing productivity and usability for developers. Here are some of the key changes:

1. **Hugging Face Model Card Previews**:
   - Quick documentation previews for Hugging Face models and datasets are now available directly within the IDE, allowing you to access descriptions by hovering over names without leaving your coding environment【10†source】【11†source】.

2. **Local Full Line Code Completion for Frontend Frameworks**:
   - The ML-based full line code completion, previously available only for Python, now supports JavaScript, TypeScript, and other popular frontend frameworks. This feature operates locally, providing context-aware suggestions to speed up coding【10†source】【12†source】.

3. **Sticky Lines Feature**:
   - This new feature helps manage large files by pinning key structural elements like the beginnings of classes or methods at the top of the editor, keeping important parts of the code always visible【10†source】.

4. **Enhanced Code Review Tools**:
   - PyCharm now includes a more streamlined code review experience for GitHub and GitLab. This allows authors and reviewers to interact directly within the editor during pull/merge requests, ensuring all changes are clearly understandable【10†source】.

5. **Improved GitHub Actions Support**:
   - Enhanced support for GitHub Actions includes autocompletion for various contexts like `github.*`, `env.*`, and YAML structures, making CI/CD workflows more efficient. Docker image completion and JavaScript file path completion are also integrated to streamline configurations【11†source】【12†source】.

6. **HTTP Client Enhancements**:
   - The HTTP Client now supports more authentication options, including PKCE Authorization Code and OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant flows. It also introduces Netty as its networking library, enabling support for SSL, proxies, and HTTP/2【11†source】.

7. **Support for Larger Flask and FastAPI Applications**:
   - The Endpoints tool window now provides better support for larger Flask and FastAPI applications, grouping endpoints by apps and detecting endpoints declared in libraries【13†source】.

8. **Enhanced Terraform Support**:
   - PyCharm now offers extended support for Terraform, including suggestions to run `terraform init`, improved code completion for over 3900 third-party providers, and support for the Terraform Template Language (tftpl)【14†source】.

9. **Local Filtering in Data Editor**:
   - A new feature allows filtering data directly within the editor without the need to execute queries, enhancing productivity when working with data views【10†source】.

10. **Warnings for Missing Packages**:
    - PyCharm underlines missing packages in `requirements.txt` files, providing quick installation options to ensure the development environment is correctly set up【12†source】.

These updates aim to make PyCharm more powerful and user-friendly, catering to the needs of both web developers and data scientists. For a comprehensive list of all the new features and improvements, you can check the official [JetBrains release notes](【11†source】.

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